Sarth Dubey [ CV ]

Current: PhD Scholar, MIR Lab, IIT Gandhinagar with Prof. Udit Bhatia
I'm a Science enthusiast with an inclination towards 'Complex Nonlinear Dynamical Networks', and 'Physics-inspired Machine Learning'. I'll be maintaining this site with an intent to share the interesting investigations that I stumble upon in my research endeavours.

I know working with high-dimensional chaotic systems has a steep learning curve, wherein even for simple problem statements, the resulting project pipeline can be quite demanding. Further, unlike low-dimensional toolkit, the high-dimensional analytical framework lacks a consensus and isn't supported by rigorous documentation. Thus, it becomes harder to break into the field and reproduce the results.

However, human brain is a marvelous thing, and given enough learning any task can be modeled as muscle memory. This is my philosophy targeting system complexities. We'll continuously explore, make mistakes, and assimilate the insights to develop a kind of sense.

This inspired be name of my blog - The Complex Sense